Friday, December 01, 2006

The twisted world we live in..

Yesterday was parent-teachers' meeting at that education hole Al Mawahib Private School. Attendance of every living creature employed in that place was mandatory.
I had to go in in the morning for regular classes and all. Wasn't feeling great in the morning and by the end of the first to periods I knew there was no way I could make it till the end of the day without going home. So with 2 periods left ahead of me that wouldn't have started before another hour or so I called my mom to come get me. Didn't make sense to kill myself over a couple of classes and then still not come to the PTM (that would have spelt certain destruction of the world as we know it). I went to go sign-out my time card (it was only 11 something) all the cards were gone - a measure taken to make sure nobody clocks out and abandons ship before exactly 2:10. AS IF. I went to the receptionist who was in the middle of an intense conversation on the school phone. She looked a little annoyed that I wouldn't just see her on the phone and leave her alone. Brat, she's not much older than me. She finally decided to raise an eyebrow at me and ask me what I wanted. I told her that I was leaving cuz I wasn't feeling well and that she could inform Her Royal Highness the principal of that fact. She said for me to go tell her that myself. Kid, believe me it would have been easier for me to do that then have to deal with ya but obviously as I know u must know she's in a meeting with a bunch of parents (no less than 30 to be exact upstairs in the big room they call the hall.). Like hell I was going to go in there and interrupt her 5 mins of glory time to tell her I was sick. Receptionist brat told me then I had to seek out His Royal Highness LG and ask him to grant me his royal approval (actually asking wouldn't have been befitting enough, I would have to "beg" his royal approval). I pointed out that HRH wasn't in his office at the moment and where the hell was I supposed to find him. She claimed in grade 5 teaching the kids science (I feel for those kids. I'd rather sit through triple back to back periods of advanced math than have a single science period taught by that guy.)
Well that meant go upstairs (again) and search for him (I knew that him being in one central place like that would have been just too easy) and sure enough HRH wasn't in the 5 grade classroom. The teacher in there said he didn't know where he was. So it was back downstairs and down the long hall. I contemplated throwing up in one of those in wall fountain things they have water filtered out the bathroom for the kids to drink. Felt too dizzy to get down to that thing anyways so I just continued on. By the time I reached the end of the hall there HRH was just coming down the stairs with a class of boys. I was just starting to tell him I was going home and he breezed by saying wait a sec cuz he was very busy. I followed him and he politely ignored me till he went into this small storage room with the boys and yelled a bit about some missing juice. When he finally came out he was like could I make this quick cuz he had a class to get to. (Damn him! This was going to be quick alright.) I informed him that I was going home cuz I wasn't feeling well. That damn fool had the nerve to tell me I couldn't cuz of the PTM.
!!!! That guy didn't know how close I was to choking the life out of him with that hideous tie he was wearing... I gave him a look. He must have felt the poisonous daggers I was shooting at him with that look cuz he immediately started stuttering and saying I had to ask his wife and that I also had to be back for the PTM. I told him I would "probably" back for the precious PTM and as for asking his wife she was up in a meeting. Seriously that guy really is lacking in an IQ, I think it's like non-existant with him. He replied that there is no 'probably' that i was coming back and that he wanted to hear that it was a 'sure thing'. *Blink Blink* my head was spinning and I was feeling waves of heat washing over me and this king of the apes was telling me I had to say for sure I was coming back to some meeting?! Maybe he would have liked if they brought my dead corpse back and propped me up at that damn desk just so it could be said that all the teachers were "present". I told him whatever and that "inshalla I'll see" (noticed that everybody without exception hates to hear me say that LOL.) He gave me a look that was probably supposed to be some sort of threat - come or die. "Like I really care I'm probably going to die anywayz." He was turning to leave, clearly pissed, and said I had to check with his wife.
Honestly and I kid u folks not, the whole adminstration over there lacks basic intelligence. U can't do a damn thing in that place without everyone knowing much less attend a meeting with that many parents. How in the hell was it that this animal was telling me ask his wife knowing bloody well she was in a meeting?! I informed him of that fact and he just shrugged and walked off as if to say that's my prob.
My head throbbed at the thought of having to climb the stairs again. I grabbed the rail but just couldn't go. Two parents came down, followed by another then another. The meeting must be over! Praise the Lord. The P.E. teacher was on her way upstairs so I told her to tell the principal to come down.
I waited right there at the foot of the stairs as more parents passed but no principal. I wondered if that P.E. teacher actually told her. I suspect she didn't or the principal was up there running her mouth. I waited at least a good 10 mins before a voice said: What the hell are u doing?! U r sick and instead of going home u'r waiting around like a dog waiting obediently for its master....
!!!! Realization!!!! Big time. I turned and walked out into the reception right past the brat who looked up but was smart enough not to say anything and right past that pervert security guard who can't mind his own business to save his worthless life. He was asking the receptionist was it ok for me to be leaving like that. I didn't hear her reply. I was already out the door.
I was thoroughly pissed with myself. What was I doing waiting around like that. After telling the receptionist I should have just walked out then. In the car my mom asked me did I tell the principal I was leaving. I couldn't help but laugh. I said she'd probably be calling any minute to chew me out in her chalba tone for not waiting to receive her royal permission. Screw her. If she called she was going to get what she had coming to her and I was going to use the last of my strength giving it to her. And I really couldn't care less if she fired me for it or not.
That lady might have an ounce worth of smarts in that head of hers after all cuz she didn't call. I went home and rested a couple of hours cursing myself for losing my medicine and not buying a new package in all this time. We were supposed to be in place by 4:45. It was 4:50 when I walked in. Both LG and Her Royal Highness were in the reception neither said anything (not even to ask how was I or was I feeling better. Ha ha, not that u expect that kind of thing from those two..). The principal turned around and greeted me and told me everything was upstairs. That was it. I dared ask her "Where upstairs?" got two word reply : the hall.
Got upstairs to the hall and found a bunch of desks all around lining the walls. Each with a name on them. Great! I'll have to walk around till I come across my name - or something that looks remotely close since screwing my name seems to be something famously done by the world over. I decided to go right since "one can't go wrong if they go right..." lol. Lucky me I found my desk, 3 desks down from where I was standing on the right- and my name, surprise surprise was actually spelt right. I sat. The other teachers all seemed to have eyes on me. I guess I strike them as a weirdo cuz I never socialize with any of them. (once in a while I chat with the math teacher - that's cuz I knew her from last year and she gets a kick out of hearing me describe things in that school- and those chats never last more then 5 mins and that's usually only once a month or twice in a month. other than that I only greet teachers, as is custom, when I pass them on my way into the classroom after their period is over.) Anywayz, looking around I notice I'm the only one with a totally empty desk - except for my name. Not totally surprising, I'm probably the most looked down upon teacher (as far as the administration is concerned) in the whole school...actually second most looked down upon, so yeah it didn't surprise me that I didn't have the kids' exams or results or grade book of any kind.
After some time the principal finally brings up two sheets with the exam results of both classes I teach. (every one else had mark books and other things on their desks)
While I'm waiting for these 'parents' to show up I decide to have a look at the results. I know that lady ain't straight when it comes to final results and all but I was in no way expecting to see what I did. In one of the classes I have this boy. He's been a prob since 2nd grade when my mom had him. He doesn't write jack smack in the class unless someone gives him undivided attention or u tell him he isn't going out for breaktime and he ain't going to buy any 'food' either. With such dire consequences over his head he gets it together and slowly puts some digusting writing on his paper. I honestly don't know what the kid's prob is but his cousin in the other class that I teach is only a notch better than he is. One might begin to wonder if they are mentally challenged but that isn't the case cuz they miraculously start writing when there is some dire consequence placed above them. The cousin I'll refer to as H.R. and the first boy i'll refer to as M.K. Anywayz H.R's father came to the school a few weeks ago and I told him how his son spends most of classtime talking and laughing and not thinking about his work. His father said he is working with him on that as well as his handwriting (H.R's handwriting is like trying to solve hieroglyphics). His father told him, infront of me, that if he didn't improve he was going to "break" him. At any rate he's back to his old self, only writing if I make him stay in during break time. The result is most of the time his class work ain't done. Better than his cousin M.K. whose classwork is never done and neither is his homework. I have to believe M.K's parents don't look inside of his homework diary - ever. And even though M.K. is in the 3rd grade he can't read a lick.
Anywayz it was a while since I did the grades for everything so I don't remember everything but I do remember that I gave M.K. well deserved 'zeros' for classwork which is never done and homework which doesn't seem to exist to him nor his parents or anyone else back in his place. As for the exams there were English, divided into reading, spelling, comprehension and a general exam. And there was a Science exam. Both subjects got their final results from the exams, classwork and homework. On M.K's general english exam he got a 4 and 1/2 from 35. His spelling exam he got zero from 10, his reading exam was zero from 10 and his comprehension was a 3 or 4 from 16. Homework and classwork were straight zeros also. but yet his final mark on that result paper infront of me said M.K. got a 42 in English! How in blue hell I ask??? 4 and 1/2 plus 3 or even if we say 4 only makes 8 and 1/2. So like how in the hell did this guy get a double digit end result?! I look over at his science mark and near crumble the paper in rage. 66. What the hell is that??! I recall him getting a 5 from 70 on that exam. That is a pretty damn big typo from 5 to 66?!?! neither class work nor homework is ever done for that kid so where the hell did she drag 61 marks from to slap on to his lone 5?
She had been throwing a fit that I gave one boy who usually has average marks a zero in comprehension cuz he couldn't answer any of those damn hard questions SHE had put on their comprehension exams. She asked me what did I think his parents were going to say to their son getting a zero. I replied that they were going to think the truth which was that there son needs more help in understanding english. That is the truth. I can't tell u folks how many times I have to explain simple intructions to that kid so he could turn around the same second and say 'Teacher I don't know." The principal didn't want to hear that and of course got pissed she said if I see the kid is like that then I need to take him out of the class during another period and 'help' him with the exam. I had given each of those kids a more or less one on one with those exams cuz she really did put some pretty damn hard questions on it. I told her I did everything short of actually telling them the answers for every last one of those kids and even some of the smart kids called out the answers when I was explaining the questions for the kids who claimed not to understand. Even after hearing the answers called out they still whined they didn't know. So what could I do? I told that lady all of that and she just looked at me. I said what, do u expect me to "tell" them the answers? (I think she was near exploding at that point). She went on about how if I see weak kids like that I should help them and that's my job blah blah blah. I gave him a one on one and he still didn't get her exam. I told her give him a one on one herself and see what she gets out of him. At that point she just stormed off. I figured than that she was going to screw with the marks- but I never expected her to stoop this low.
I sat at my desk and endured severe chills praying that I'd see M.K.'s parents so I could tell them how their son does absolutely nothing in both english and science classes. Of course they'd ask how did he get his marks and that would be where I screw that darn school to hell. They never came, instead I got a bunch of other angry parents. I felt bad for them. One lady was going on about her son getting a 76 in english, she wanted to know why. I had no idea cuz I had no exams infront of me or anything else. Only those pathetic two papers. I told her I didn't make up those exams and that it all came from the principal. She read between the lines as did the other angry parents so I foresee that principal is going to have a couple of very angry parents down her throat in the very near future....
Serves her right. Twisted female.

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