Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tell me..

Tell me, so I can know! What is with people and their sudden uppity mood swings. One minute you think you are speaking with a civilized human - the next minute you are wondering if the word b!tch can apply to the person infront of you. I mean for God's sake! I usually have my temper under tabs and it's very rare that people see it, but when people for no gosh darn reason get on that uppity/disgusted/ I'm-mad-so-I'm-going-to-talk-down-to-you attitude that gets my temper flying..
Probably another reason I don't like to socialize, cuz inevitably people piss me off. (There are of course a few people who make an exception to the ppl that inevitably piss me off...Allah yahfadthum.. AMEEN ya Rabb!)
I had a really long post here but decided since this is ramadan and all El Hazard should behave herself and refrain from backbitting....even if a couple of so-and-so'z at work pissed me off today and deserved a less than honorable mention on my blog.
I think from now on every time someone pisses me off, I'll use all that bottled up energy from my temper and make sincere dua that Allah protects the normal & more reasonable ppl out there. - mainly the ppl that don't piss me off...
At any rate I don't feel too badly for ranting and raving here for an hour only to feel guilty and delete it, I'll get ajr inshalla.
I'm going to pray for a memorable ramadan this year for myself and u guys. - Memorable as in we have no regrets at the end =)


Bookworm said...

InshaAlla we will all have a memorable Ramadan =)!

Wish if I could tell you why people sometimes act like they temporarily (or permenantly) lost their senses. Probably a gene defect on their part.

I'm so glad I can post again! Net's been crazy last 2 days :P
(I just got an evil idea about unnerving people when they act like that, will ttyl about it!)

Bookworm said...

Chill and Ignore them dudette ;) And next time you swing a racket imagine you're wacking some yellow head.

Bookworm said...