Thursday, September 21, 2006


That's what is on the door of my classroom and my class is known as Class #25. I guess they thought that must have sounded nice or something- cuz they sure don't have nobody's 25 classes up in there!

Anywayz, I decided to snap a few pics this morning before the little rugrats came in.

Here are the caterpillar pics I had them make:

For whatever reason I'm having trouble uploading more pics so I guess I'll have to post them later..


Bookworm said...

MashaAlla, 25 classes in that teeny tiny building! :P

The caterpillars were awesome. Theyll grow up to be artists like their teacher.

El Hazard said...

I'll shut up for once and recieve ur gracious compliment =)

Let's hope their 'artist' teacher can do something artistic with that board! (I am going to use ur idea and I know what I need but if I don't get those things - cheap irani *#$&$^#@^@ better have something in that supply room - that board ain't getting done!)

Dragon said...

what do u need?