Sunday, August 13, 2006

Anime Unlimited

Gankutsuou is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... Maybe I should wait till I've at least watched the first 10 eps or so, but so far it's got alot of good things going for it. Firstly the animation is super unique. I love the mood it gives off. From what I saw (the first ep) it followed the orginal storyline of the book - with the exception of it being set in the very distant future. The only thing I disliked about it was that the count is blueish looking -like he has severe anemia or something- has fangs like a vampire and nasty looking claw like fingers to go with the fangs. But I guess I can't complain....
I found another anime on that review site. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if it weren't for the title catching my attention as that of the same name as my friend's blog. The anime was called "Ginban Kaleidoscope". It looked interesting so I put the first 4 episodes to download. This morning I found that eps 3 and 4 had finished before 1 and 2. Impatience won and I watched ep 3 - well a good part of it before guilty conscience butted in chanting "Patience, patience oh hazardous one!" So now I'm resolved to waiting for the first eps before continuing with ep 3. As Shikumaru would say : "How troublesome...."
I've yet to watch Soul looks interesting though. I'll pass final judgment over it after seeing the first couple of eps.
As for those two extra Honey & Clover eps. I watched one of them - I think it was "L". It really was a pointless filler ep but even so it was maddeningly funny.
Hmmm, I think I've finally reached my record high of 3 posts in one day.. Last I checked, my post count was at 22 so this would be post #23. I've decided that when I hit the 100th post mark, myself and a certain senpai are going to celebrate at the club cafe with a bottle of fizzy - ROFLMHO, for any who don't realize "fizzy" is sparkling apple juice : non alcoholic =P
Well with that I'll return to my anime marathon and see what progress can be made for the day on my project.

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