Thursday, July 06, 2006


Aside from being ridiculous it's unprofessional

It should be a simple process :

  • Student busts @$$ studying
  • Student takes accursed end unit exams
  • Student goes all the way the heck down to the post office to mail said accursed exams
  • Student returns home to study some more and take more 'accursed' exams while they wait (for a whole gosh durn month....ok so it's not the school's fault that 'the student' lives on the other side of this damn globe)
  • Month comes to end and student begins pilgrimage to the P.O. every day in hopes of finding the result of honest hard work

^That ppl is 'part 1' of what should be a 'simple process', carry that out for 16 subjects (some of which had books 1, 2 and 3 - sometimes a book 4) average 8 exams each book (with the exception of Spanish, Algebra, Geometry, American Lit., Biology and Geography which had minimum 10 exams and look at that 6 of the 16 subjects! God, arent they generous?! we're looking at 100+ exams here ppl! ) Ok so 'part 1' on average is supposed to be repeated over the course of 4 years (sounds like hell, eh?), in my case it was 6 years (u must be thinking : OMGWTFBBQSAUCE ! ) So after running around like a flippin chicken with its head cut off looking for teachers for Spanish, Alge and Geo, student finally thinks they can kick back and relax (not knowing that 'part 1' obviously means there must be a 'part 2' - otherwise it wouldn't be called part 1.....Damn the world's getting smarter everyday! ) NOT... student calls retard school wondering where the heck is the diploma after 6 years of hell only to hear that they don't have the results for exam X and exam Y. Heck why don't they just go ahead and say they don't have the results for exams A thru Z as well?! Lucky for student (Praise GOD) that she had the presence of mind to save all the dumb exam forms that the dumb school writes the results on. Which brings one to a very important question... What kind of school or rather what kind of Dumb@$$es are employed in that school who don't give a flying monkey enough to just do their damn jobs properly and record the student's grades? Now instead of them just sending the diploma and student being able to skip down to a uni for 4 more years of hell (ppl never learn... the drop outs must have fun laughing their lucky heads off at us - especially the dropouts that went out there and made a name for themselves without a "Bachelors", "Masters" or "Ph.D" ...Bill Gates....Ray Kroc...Damn Disney and Estee Lauder to name a few *POP* ok ok time to wake up and smell the cappuccino of the real world we live in here......) student must now copy all forms for exams XYZ, in case the donkeys over there lose the forms not just the results this time, and mail them in. Registration for the Uni ends the third week of July (Bingo! this month...Life is GREAT =) ) more than enough time for the school of donkeys to recieve the forms (which the Dumb@$$ student hasn't even mailed yet), do whatever sheemot they have to do for the diploma (including retard formalities so it would be recognized at the end of the world) and send it back here (10 days after whenever they decide to drop it at the P.O.). Oh! Did I mention once it gets here student must then take it down to the Moe (Ministry of Education) for them to hem and haw over whether or not it's a legit doc or not only for them to then claim it needs to go back for some more sheemot. "Yo, this is like way late already can't u just pass it and get on with life?!" So in the end it's like December by the time forms, formalities and the rest of the sheemot is done and student bounces off to the uni, junk in hand, only to be met by the Where-the-heck-do-you-think-you-are-going stare of some receptionist on cloud nine after getting a wink from one of her male superiors, who can't understand why the hell someone would be trying to pass off as a 'late registration' (sheepish retard smile on student's face) in the middle of December. "*cough cough* You are like 3 months and a week over due for registration so if you please just drag your late carcass back to where ever you came from...oh and try getting a calendar and marking the third week of July in as the registration date..." (of course said in that chalba-ish professional voice they like to use when u know they are going to talk about the complete idiot that just walked in right after u leave). So in the end student is left with the only other option : PRAY !

(heck, pray like there's no tomorrow....)

El Hazard

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