Saturday, March 06, 2010

I Dont Wanna Be Anything Other than what I've been trying to be lately

(That line was stuck in my head, so I just had to use it as the post's title...)

1. I like LOVE speed.

2. I take a simple word, phrase, sentence or situation and over-process it then turn around and ponder some more about it. (Not a good thing most times...)

3. 95% of the time I like to be alone, but in the other 5% connection with others becomes almost as important as breathing.

4. Lately, I've become obsessed with dieting and changing my image.

5. Thanx to my afghan friend, I crave 'mantoo' (afghan cuisine: non-vegetarian steamed dumplings topped with 'dhal' and yogurt ) every morning. I'm going to have to learn to make it one day..

6. I read trashy mags for creative inspiration.

7. I often find myself wishing I was a colder person and didn't get affected or moved by guilt or remorse for things I've done. I suppose it is a good thing sometimes, but to some extent it just becomes bothersome.


Bookworm said...

I know what you mean about #7, I've often had similar thoughts..

I hate it when I get into #2 mode..!!

Thanks for doing the tag ;)

loner chic said...

change is awesome ;) good luck!

my latest thing is: saving money and shopping therapy. i realize the contradiction and i'm reading this book called "sheconomics" i read the preface and it seems like a reasonable book that's going to help me find a way to overcome my "problem"

loner chic said...

btw is there a way to follow your blog via google and not twitter?

El Hazard said...

Your welcome BW. Thanx for the tag ;)


LC has come out of silent stalking and commented on my blog ::gasps::

Lol. Saving money and shopping therapy.. let me know how that goes for ya :P

I think when you click on the "follow" button it follows my blog from google as you say. I have a twitter account but it's been ages since I last tweeted anything.

loner chic said...

omg!! when you said LC i totally thought it was lauren conrad hehehe i was like omg cool! lauren conrad! i have cool initials ;)

El Hazard said...


You always have great nicks :P

loner chic said...

Thanks! Btw your previous post is so depressing! Thinking about breaks WILL break something in me

El Hazard said...

Haha, I thought about breaks all day today. I was so hoping and praying classes would be canceled when the electricity went out. Apparently it was only on the girls campus cuz when I went to the guy's side they had perfect lighting and classes carried on as usual :/

I forgot to tag 7 ppl for this thing. So consider yourself tagged. You have one week to complete it (consider it a 'mish' as chuck says :P )

Neel the DarkRanger said...

#6- how does it help? I'd take the same route too. Tell me :)

El Hazard said...

Well, it's really quite simple, when I flip through a mag and see something absolutely hideous (bag, clothes, accessories etc..) my mind immediately starts dissecting the offensive item and going through the many ways that I would improve it if I were charged with redesigning a 2.0 version =P
Likewise for something that looks really awesome. Though in an awesome case I usually just make mental notes of why the item is awesome (for example a handy pocket in a bag or accessories that double for something else..) and think of how I would incorporate it into a creation of my own.

Anonymous said...

we know how to make mantoo, qudsia's husband's first wife showed us how and made it for us a few times mashallah even though she was tired n busy with her 7 kids, eman craves for her dishes and so does the rest of the fam. Andulusia

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